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I would like to give a huge thanks to for helping me achieve my G1. If it weren't for their excellent quiz questions, I would not have been as confident as I am in my written test. I would recommend this website to any new driver, it truly was the best! Thank you so much!
Brian R

Recently got my G1 - very thankful to, I bought platinum package and it brought my confidence up! Thanks to I am learning to drive today. I would definitely recommend this website to all of my friends. Definitely the best in Ontario!
Susan Blunt

I just recently passed my written test for class "A" I really do have to thank for it! I was able to pass on my first attempt. And that saved me a lot of time and money to buy and read the book. I was able to confidently attempt my test because of the quiz questions. I really wouldn't have been able to do it without Cost effective and best.
Michael Zolinsky

Okkaaay sooo just passed my Air Brake test with a really good grade! :D thanks to such a great website it is most definitely makes you pass. I loved the "PEAK THE ANSWER" feature. Thanks
Sukhi Dhillon

Thank you you helped me become more confident on how to prepare for G1 test. I started reading the Driver's handbook and was so confusing to find questions and then finding answers to those questions. realy made it simple. I am waiting to go for my G2 test.
Natalie Filipe